Formula E announces partnership with CleanSpace

LONDON, UK (September 22 2015) – Formula E has today announced a partnership with CleanSpace, the rapidly growing movement for better air quality.


United in a common purpose, the partnership will represent a joint collaboration to tackle air pollution caused by transportation. CleanSpace aims to galvanise behaviour change from the ground-up, encouraging individuals to choose cleaner ways to travel.

People can join the movement via a new smartphone app which launches today and is available in both Apple iOS and Google Android versions.

Formula E joins both as a strategic partner, encouraging their employees, teams, drivers and fans to join the CleanSpace movement, as well as a reward partner.

Alejandro Agag, Formula E CEO, said: “We have been watching with admiration the CleanSpace movement and its achievements over just a few short weeks. As an organisation which has long strived to promote cleaner ways to travel, we welcome ideas which bring together – in a united cause – the many institutions and individuals fighting for better air quality.”

CleanSpace is the brainchild of Lord Paul Drayson’s British technology start-up, Drayson Technologies. Lord Drayson said: “Recent medical evidence is showing that in all major cities in the world, the main cause of air pollution is transportation. Formula E and Drayson Technologies share a long history, and its commitment to the development and provision of electric cars goes hand-in-hand with the CleanSpace vision to show that in this age of hyper-connectivity, armed with the right technology, we can all work together to tackle global problems like air pollution. CleanSpace came out of our motorsport R&D programme – so its great to be teaming up with Formula E today.”


GSK, King’s College London and the British Lung Foundation are among the other organisations to partner with the CleanSpace movement, each pledging their support to inspire and empower individuals to improve the air quality around them.

The app uses cutting edge technology to deliver two primary and distinct functions. Because most air pollution is invisible, the CleanSpace app makes it visible and shows members the true extent of air pollution levels around them. As they travel, they’ll see high-pollution zones in red, moderate in amber and low in green. Armed with this knowledge they can plan cleaner routes and monitor their exposure over time.

Using machine-learning AI technology which recognises automatically when a CleanSpace member is making a journey without causing any pollution – either by cycling, running or walking – the CleanSpace app will record these journeys as CleanMiles, recognising contribution to cleaner air and inspiring them to increase their efforts. Every mile walked, run or cycled helps make our air cleaner; CleanSpace measures them all.

CleanMiles work as a social and commercial currency through which the member can both demonstrate their commitment to the cause and redeem for rewards with partners such as Halfords, First Utility, Boohoo, Payasugym, and MaxiNutrition among others.

It is available for download today on iOS via the app store and on Android via the CleanSpace website at